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This coin is surrounded in mystery. All we know is that the origin of the coin is Chinese.
Less than 50 coins have been found in total since the first one was noted in early 2015.
It's also the first such "Customised £2 Design" we've seen, and also the first Faked Fake !


Mix of a custom die and another coins obverse. See the bottom of the page for comparison images.
This is the first instance (That we are aware of) of a Faked Fake of a decimal coin.
Only seen for sale on eBay, none have made it into circulation as yet.


The Obverse used the same/similar die to the Mary Rose coin sold on a Chinese e-commerce website.
(Although the portrait on the Lani isn't frosted) & the main design details on the Reverse match those from the 2015 Technology coin.
Technology comparison on the left, Mary Rose on the right.
(Note the missing outer dot ring, fixed cog at 11 o'clock and inny vs outy dots on the cogs themselves)
The compression settings are to blame for the slightly different look of the text (especially the date) on the obverse.
See this close-up image animation for confirmation it does infact use the same dies.

These are the find locations of most examples we know of.
Note : I am no longer adding to this map.


If anyone has any information about this coin, please LET ME KNOW !!!

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