How to submit a coin ?
If you have a coin that you don't see featured on this site
then I would be greatful if you could submit it to the database.

The best submissions will have clear pictures of both sides of the coin (rotation discrepancy isn't important)
and will show at least the first word of the motto (Decus, Nemo Me, Pleidiol, or the dot with pathways either side) - The whole motto is best of course.
Weight & diameter are optional but would be greatly appreciated.

Any help the fake community can give me to evolve and expand the databse would be great.

Please email the images and any information you have to

Or alternatively you are more than welcome to join The Fake Pound Coin Database Facebook Group
& upload your images or chat about the site or fake coins among fellow collectors.

If you're a general fan of fakes (and errors) then why not join the Error Coins & Fakes Group on Facebook too.
(It's a bit more lively than the database group.)

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