'Sheffield' Fakes

Every specimen so far has been found in and around Sheffield (The same area where the Fake 12-sided £1 coins seem to be originating from)
Only a 2011 Technology design has been seen so far, but it has some distinguishable features that make it stand out. (Not only the die clash evidence... which no sample has been seen without, yet!)

Distinguishing Features

The coins are EXTREMELY magnetic. More-so than any other fake. (Even compared to the Steel Centred!)
Below are some comparison images. The fake is on the left in Red, a real coin in Green on the right.
There is no attempt at a hologram. Plus there are much fewer vertical lines within the inner circles.
The cog shapes and patterns are somewhat simplified. One cog is missing a spoke too.
The whole outer ring is plated, as it is wearing off quite quickly.

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