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Birmingham Birmingham 2 Birmingham 3 Chinese Chinese 2 Fake Britain Fake Britain Pinky
Glasgow Glasgow2 Kitchener Monkey Metal Steel Centred Type LCD Type XXI Sheffield

These coins were available via Chinese e-commerce websites for a while in quantities of between 10 and 200. The first design to appear was the 2015 Royal Navy (Presumably fueled by the media interest in the 100 4th portrait coins released into circulation) and it snowballed from there. Were prevelant in the Swansea area but are widespread now. There are a few subtypes but not enough to go into detail here.

T99-C T99-C-tpo MARY-C MARY-C-nd MARY-C-nd-skinny LANI KITCHENER-C KITCHENER-C-sml KITCHENER-C-Mono T15-C T15-C-tpo T15-C-gap T15-C-gap-tpo T15-CM B15-C MARY-C-15 MAGNA-C NAVY-C NAVY-C-mule NAVY-C-em T16-C-tpo T16-C-gap T16-C MAGNA-C-16 SKULL-C Bxx-C

Earlier (and or cheaper) Chinese copies. The 2008 version also originating on a different Chinese e-commerce site. The coins are in such high relief that they're easily spotted. Seemed centered around the Bradford area. Unsure of the newer ones that have started turning up (Slave Trade etc) but all the coins in this category are certainly not the same calibre as the main Chinese coins above.

T97-C SLAVE-Ct SUB : SLAVE-C T08-C-fid T08-C-fud KITCHENER-C-nm MARY-Cv2 T15-C-bro KJB-C LANI-FAKE 1994TRIAL T16-C2 TOSHA GIB-BCS GH-Lion GH-Boar GH-Hind GH-Hydra GH-Stables GH-Bull GH-Mares GH-Birds GH-Apples GH-Cattle GH-Cerberus GH-Girdle GH2020-Lion GH2020-Boar GH2020-Hind GH2020-Hydra GH2020-Stables GH2020-Bull GH2020-Mares GH2020-Birds GH2020-Apples GH2020-Cattle GH2020-Cerberus GH2020-Girdle

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