A group of coins nicknamed the "Magic Motto" series on account of their high quality mottos which are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.
No proof they're from the same factory, but with their similarities, it's a safe bet that they are.


ARMS 26 (1993) above, has 4 various motto distance variants (+ -> D) & Arms 27 (1998) has 2.

OAK 1 (1992) above has 6 variants, ranging from 4.4mm to 7.8mm.


Slight variants exist on the Pleidiol isncriptions too.

with Dragon12 (2000) having two variants itself.

1998 Fakes

As the end of the Round Pound fast approaches, many people are checking their coins closer than ever before, and this has lead to a lot of 1998 Royal Arms coins to come to light. Unfortunately the vast majority of these coins plucked from circulation are FAKE.
Here are SIX examples in the database collection

Notice the weakness around the REG on the reverse of the first one. Also note the weaknesses in the edge inscription which are pretty much consistent across all but the first example.

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