These are a group of fakes produced with the word COPY behind the queens neck.
This is quite often defaced (on the die) to disguise it.

So far there are no known examples of the other bridges in this series of coins.
Whether the forgers only started with the Egyptian Bridge coin is up for debate, however when examining the coins in date order as above, the coins have certainly gotten better & more realistic over time so for now we will assume the Egyptian was their trial run (Hence why the word COPY is not defaced at all, and on the first generation Millennium it is only slightly defaced)

Certainly an interesting series in its own right, but when you consider the similarities between these coins and the Wombourne Fakes below (Not so much style but milling & alloy type) the story gets even more interesting.

PLUS add in this comparison image of the two shield coins....

While not 100% exact, they may well be from the same master die. Consider this :
i) Every other fake Shield type shows some degree of 'waffling' pattern in the background of the shield, whereas neither of the two above do.
ii) Look closely at the Lions' tails, all but one are broken in the same place, and no other fake Shield has a broken Lions tail.

The reason I think it is the same master and not the same physical die is that the 'Copy' fake with the die cracks & chip is clearly in a worse state than the Wombourne mule, and yet the mule has a broken tail on the top lion in the bottom right segment of the shield, whereas the tail is intact on the 'Copy' coin.


Here is the missing link CONFIRMING the above.
A "Legitimate" Obverse, matched with a Wombourne Edge Inscription (Motto)

Wombourne on the top, the above legitimate fake on the bottom. Speaks for itself :)

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