Possible Fakes, Fake Fakes & Imposters.

Possible Fakes

Coins that pass the tests, but don't feel right.
Most are probably just damaged coins but interesting nonetheless.

Fake Fakes

These are genuine coins that most people might think are fakes.
Generally PMD (Post Mint Damage) from things like weather, chemicals, roads etc.

I had hoped to get some experiments underway testing my theory that some coins (Like 4, 5 & 7 above) spent time in a beach or riverbed, with the use of a rock-tumbler but unfortunately I've been unable to find it. Hopefully if or when I do, I'll get it underway with some new 12-sided 1's !!


Foreign coins that have been accepted as english coins over the years.

And a large selection of smaller denominations.

There are MANY MANY more coins that could be added to this section, Least of all the "Territory" coins such as those from Isle Of Man, Gibraltar etc which are technically NOT legal tender on the UK Mainland and yet are readily accepted as such. There are even a few new 1 imposters showing their face already, I just need to find the posts and track down the coins!

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