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How to Identify Fake Kew Gardens 50p Coins

Circulated Kew
* Note the pointy tower and lines either side of the word KEW are present in some circulated coins.
* All circulated coins will show wear. Be wary of overly shiny coins as they may have been harshly polished.
* This is the one most collectors need to fill their 50p albums.
Brilliant Un circulated Kew. © Chards
* The surface of a BUNC will be very shiny, but not quite mirror-like, like on the Proof/fake versions.
* BUNC should always be near-immaculate. Be wary of damaged BUNC coins, as they may be altered fakes.
Image courtesy of and ©
Proof Kew. © Check Your Change
* Only Proof and Silver Proof will show a frosted portrait and design & have a mirror-like finish.
* Silver proof should always come with box and certificate.
Image courtesy of and ©
Re-strike Kew. © Royal Mint
* Watch out for the 2019 "Restrike". Different obverse and slight changes to the reverse too.
* These 2019 coins are worth much less than the original.
Image courtesy of and ©

Click the left image to cycle through the real coins so you can compare against the fake.
Click the right image to bring up that coins own page with stats etc

Kew Version 1 Kew Version 1
* Neck points to the E in PENCE. It should point to the P.
* Lack of detail in queens eye & excess detail in her hair.
* Frosted portrait and design & mirrorlike fields. (Seen on all Real Proofs)
* Pointy Tower & Kew Lines. (Some circulated, & ALL Bunc/Proof have this)

Kew Version 2 Kew Version 2
* Much the same as Version 1 other than the word COPY.
* Queens neckline now points towards the P.
* Also seen as a non-frosted version fashioned into a keyring
* & a potentialy slightly different frosted version (both below)
Kew Version 2.2 Kew Version 2.2
Kew Version 2.3 Kew Version 2.3

Kew Version 3 Kew Version 3
* No edge / rim on the coin which is an obvious flaw.
* Extra large portrait, IRB & obverse lettering.
* Noticeable extra detail on the queens hair too.

Kew Version 4 Kew Version 4
* Large, manly shaped portrait.
* Fat, bulbous pagoda design, and fatter obverse lettering too.

Kew Version 5 Kew Version 5
* Spitting-Image style portrait with dodgy looking features.
* Leaning tower, which features terrible detail.
* No IRB initials & No dots between obverse legend.
* Golden colour to the coin itself and a grainy texture too.

Kew Version 6 Kew Version 6
* Surprisingly good fake at certain photo angles.
* Slight font differences on the obverse.
* Queen has some 'road-rash' on her cheek.

Kew Version 7 Kew Version 7
* Chubby Cheeks portrait with a very roman nose.
* IRB lettering is too large, as is the queens earring.
* Pagoda has no detail whatsoever & stops before the edge of the coin.
* Neckline is incorrect and seems to point more towards the E.

Kew Version 8 Kew Version 8
* Grainy surface texture.
* No detail on the pagoda & disappearing top.
* IRB initials too large, as is the obv text.
* Rounded corners of the coin.

Kew Version 9 Kew Version 9
* COPY below portrait.
* Fat, Stodgy lettering / font.
* Distinctive line between leaves.
* Lacking steps/lines near word KEW.

Kew Version 9 Kew Version 9.2
* Described as the "Perfect Proof Copy" - It really isn't!
* Pagoda roof not pointy enough for proof
* Frosted design elements, not seen on circ/bunc.
* Obverse font still too bold on legend.
* Unusual texture on some leaves.
* Nose, Ear and earring too pronounced.
* Some crown elements are too pronounced.
* Neckline ends too abruptly.

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