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Glasgow Glasgow2 Kitchener Monkey Metal Steel Centred Type LCD Type XXI Sheffield

Frequently found around Glasgow (Where they are presumably manufactured or imported to). Early version feel and look very flat, and those that are plated age very quickly and can look completely silver.
They all appear to be made from two parts. These first appeared in Scotland in June 2017.
Click here to see the various portraits together.

The first version has no working hologram, just a raised design (with wavy lines behind) and is found in plated and bi-metallic (looking) types.

T11-Gp T11-G

Same portrait and majority of design, but it has a decent working hologram (with straight lines behind) and is also found in both plated and bi-metallic (looking) types.

T11-Gv2p T11-Gv2

This version has fully reworked obverse dies, with a more cartoonish portrait. Coin 2 shows a fresh new obv die, (same as coin 1) but with modified initials below her portrait.
Coin 3 may be re-classified as a Version 4 when I finally get one in-hand.

T11-Gv3 T11-Gv3i2 T11-Gv3o2

This version started appearing around July 2020, showing the series' first year variants.
You have to wonder whether the "Two Pounds" obverse means there is a commemorative in this series we haven't come across yet.

T15-G T15-Gr2 T15-G-tpo

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