The "Easter Banquet" Fake 20 Notes

These were some of the best fake 20 notes around. The first batch were printed on paper that was ever so slightly too thick.
After circulation (or potentially a new paper source) they were very realistic.
Notice how the Hologram says "Easter Banquet" instead of "Bank Of England".
(Sorry for the image quality of the back, my scanner wouldn't allow me to scan it)

English 20

Below are some extreme close-up comparisons between the fake note and it's original counterpart.
Even on these notes, you can see the quality of the printing isn't as good.

Fake vs Real English 20

The following are the known serial numbers of these fake notes, so therefore carefully examine any notes with the first 4 letter/number prefix.

AH03 269110. BU76 009357. CE80 723419. FS30 946295.

GI07 6648020. RE45 600987. SZ60 336792. YH54 992245.

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